At Vending Is Us P/L, we are a company that offers a modern boutique approach to our business with 'good old-fashioned customer service'.

In essence, this means that our company provide a personalised approach where every customer is given our time and undivided attention. This allows our staff members to understand the specialised needs of each of our clients and in return allows our experienced staff the understanding and knowledge to best address the needs of each client.

Our staff's aim is to develop life-long positive relationships with each and every client. This positive relationship begins from our first meeting and continues as an ongoing part of the way we do business.

The success of our business has been through developing positive relationships with our clients and in return our clients have spread the 'positive word' and our business continues to grow. It is a 'win-win' situation for everyone involved and the journey is a pleasant one!



A free vending machine service Energy efficient vending machines Interactive touchscreen technology Fast, friendly and a reliable service Extensive product range Competitive prices Full Insurances Food Licence Fully uniformed employees Technician available 24/7 Commissions available Rental options available
Vending machine purchases available
Multiple payment options (Credit Card, Phone, Apple Watch, Notes & Coins) Telemetry (Back To Base) Remote Monitoring. We know when to stock your machines and what products your vending machine needs.

We could summarise our service as the following;


Stage 1: Our Customers Contact Us


Stage 2: We Organise A Meeting At Your Location


Stage 3: We Listen To Your Needs & Requests


Stage 4: We Develop A Customised Vending Solution In Collaboration With Our Expert Experience & Advice & Your Needs & Requests


Stage 5: We Present This Customised Vending Solution To You & Customise It Further If Need Be


Stage 6: We Purchase The Specifically Suited Vending Machines And Have Them Set Up In Our Warehouse With Coin Mechanisms, Note Readers & Credit Card Readers & Back To Base Monitoring


Stage 7: We Arrange a Convenient Time To Deliver & Install The Vending Machines To Your Site


Stage 8: We Provide A Brief Training For Your Staff On How To Use The Vending Machine


Stage 9: We Provide Ongoing Communication With Client To Make Sure That The Experience Is Positive & That The Clients Needs Are Being Addressed Ongoingly To Ensure A Pleasant Experience


Stage 10: We Provide Restocking, Service & Maintenance On A Regular Basis in refrigerated vans & trucks